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Protecting and preserving Pima County trails since 1987

Welcome to Pima Trails Association (PTA). Join us in preserving nonmotorized access to trails in and around Tucson, Arizona. Read the most recent trails news here.

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Our mission...

Pima Trails Association is a non-profit, volunteer trails advocacy organization composed of hikers, equestrians and mountain bikers working together to protect and preserve trails in Pima County.

PTA Goals

1. Establish an integrated multi-use public trails system.

2. Assure permanent access to trails on public lands.

3. Promote cooperation with land owners and developers to preserve access to traditional-use trails on private lands.

4. Foster cooperation and communication among all trail user-groups.

5. Communicate and cooperate with government agencies on trail matters.

6. Keep the community informed about trail issues and opportunities.

7. Facilitate the safe and harmonious multi-use of trails through trail education, community programs and fundraising activities.

8. Encourage the development of new recreational and historic trails.

9. Expand the effectiveness and influence of Pima Trails Association.

Contact us email[at]pimatrails[dot]org

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